Tell Your Legislator to Protect Connecticut Consumers and Jobs

The Connecticut General Assembly has passed a bill that would force auto glass companies to refer customers to direct competitors. The bill is on its way to the Governor’s Office for his signature. It is vital that we urge the Governor to veto this bill.

Those who support the bill claim it protects consumers. This is not true. CT law already requires that consumers be given the ability to choose where they do business. Consumers DO need protection from some bad actors or “harvesters” in the industry who prey on drivers in parking lots, providing shoddy workmanship and submitting fraudulent insurance claims. Fraudulent glass claims have increased from 25 in 2010 to 11,000 in 2012! This law will exacerbate that problem.

This bill, if passed, would sacrifice the quality and safety of glass replacement and would drive up the cost of insurance. The fact is companies that take consumer protection seriously provide high quality service that is safe for customers.

HB 5072 would also cost Connecticut jobs. The economy is bad enough. If an auto glass company is forced to send customers elsewhere, revenue will be lost and jobs will follow. Which industry will be next?

Please tell Governor Malloy that HB 5072 is bad for consumers and bad for Connecticut’s economy. Urge him to veto HB 5072.

I am a writing to express my concern about HB 5072, AAC Automotive Glass Work, which passed the House and Senate and is on its way to your office for your signature. Please veto HB 5072.

HB 5072 would force targeted auto glass companies to refer customers to direct competitors. Existing Connecticut law already protects consumers and provides them with the right to choose where they do business. If you sign this bill, the state will be forcing companies to send business elsewhere regardless of quality, cost or safety. This in itself exposes the state to risk. More important, it will impact consumers, cost individuals their jobs and drive up automobile insurance premiums on a statewide basis.

Many may view this as just a "vehicle glass" bill, It is unprecedented from a business perspective. Where does it stop? What industry is next? As the Connecticut economy continues to struggle and the state tries to lure new businesses for economic development and job growth, this bill sends the wrong message for any company looking to do business here.

This bill is bad for Connecticut business and bad for consumers. Please veto HB 5072.

Please contact Governor Malloy today and urge him to veto HB 5072. Simply complete the privacy-protected registration form, then click the TAKE ACTION button. Your letter will be sent directly to the governor.